Dance, Dance, Dance – How to ensure the after party is vibrant and memorable

If you really want to get your guests on the dance floor hire a DJ and a Band! The two experiences guests walk away raving (or complaining) about at weddings are the food and the entertainment. Rarely will a guest remember the china pattern or monogrammed cocktail napkins at the reception, but they will be telling stories of dancing the night away for years to come!

Wedding entertainment is essential for both building the energy of an amazing party and keeping the night running smoothly. Here at Rise Photography, we encourage you not to cut the budget in this area., and book a live band along with a professional DJ. These two professionals will work in tandem to create a reception that ROCKS!

As we all know there is something exciting about LIVE performers on stage that feeds in to a crowd and creates a party atmosphere. Everybody dreads an empty dance floor, but with a band this fear is completely unwarranted. Guests from young to old will get up on their feet and share in the fun! However, you never want the party energy to die when the band takes a break in the middle of their performance.

This is when you will utilize your DJ!

A DJ can operate the many facets of your wedding night, cue important moments to the guests, and ensure there is never a lull in the celebratory spirit. A professional DJ will often be able to help mic your wedding ceremony, provide uplighting in the reception area and additional stage lighting, play music through cocktail hour and dinner if needed, and MC the night so guests are never left wondering “what’s next?”. When the band takes a break their is an experienced entertainer there to read the crowd and play the songs that will keep the dance floor packed for their return.


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