Factory 12 Wedding | Historic | Industrial | Limitless

getting ready

What a beautiful day it was for these two lovebirds. Factory 12 has a historic and industrial feel to it but romantic just enough to make a wedding truly memorable and magical all at once! The day started off with Cassy and her besties getting ready at Factory 12 which offered amazing “getting ready” photos. And Jon was just down the road at the Indigo Hotel with the boys doing the same thing.

The layout of Factory 12 offers a wide variety of photo opps to capture some amazing one of a kind photos! And on top of that, the windows here allow for some beautiful natural light to shine through which truly enhances everything beautiful that is already here. Cassy and her bridesmaids were getting ready at one end of the factory and I was at the other end capturing some photos of the details. One of the details was a photograph of Cassy’s mom that she wanted to incorporate into the details due to her mom passing away a few months before this special day. She also wanted to incorporate her earrings and a necklace that was given to her.

Being a photographer, I love photographing the details for the simple reason that I know a few of the things tell a bigger story than the jewelry that everyone else may think it is. Sometimes it’s heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to generation and the stories wrapped up in these small details are priceless. And capturing these details allows the bride (and groom) the ability to open their wedding album 5, 10, or 20 years later and see and remember all of the details of their special day. And that my friend is one of the reasons I do what I do.

the First LOOk

Right across the street from the Indigo Hotel is where Jon actually works. But that’s not the best part. This location is a staple for Columbus Indiana because of the architecture and beauty this place offers. The Cummins Sears Building is an absolute masterpiece with its landscaping and just the design of this place. It offered the perfect beauty and vibe for a couple like Cassy and Jon to have their first look. Jon was at one end of the greenway and Cassy was at the other end. And when Cassy finally made her way down to Jon, their was no holding back his emotions as he turned around to see his bride-to-be for the very first time in her stunning gown.

THe ceremony and reception

Once we finished the getting ready photos, it was time to head back to Factory 12 and get prepped up for the ceremony and reception/after party. The setup for the ceremony was beautifully backlit by the setting of the sun which was coming in through the windows. Cassy was looking and feeling absolutely beautiful and Bill was there taking his bride-to-be in from head to toe. The bridal party was amped and they too were looking and feeling fabulous.

And I have to say, this bridal party is one of the more outgoing ones I have had up to this point. They were down for anything and they were extremely easy to work with which is always nice for a wedding photographer:) Once we were back inside, everyone was ready to get the party started in order to get to the I do’s and then on to the reception which is where the fun really begins!

Jon and Cassy both had their own vows written out and it was emotional to say the least on both sides. These two came together at the perfect time in their lives and now here they are taking the first step together as husband and wife! It’s the absolute best feeling knowing that I played a small part when it comes to documenting Cassy and Jon’s love for one another and knowing that when they look back on their wedding day, they’ll be remembering it through the photographs I was able to capture:))

Congratulations Cassy & Jon!!! CHEERS!!!!!


Hi, I’m Dereck!  For me, my “why” has always been people focused. My goal in life is to make a positive impact in the lives of the people I’m around every day. I love the fact that I am blessed to spend my time with soon to be brides and grooms who are about to embark on a lifetime journey of their own. That my friend is a huge honor and blessing! My goal through this process as your Photographer is to impact your life beyond the lens of my camera. I love capturing magical moments that pop-up throughout this process, but I love just as deeply to speak into the lives of people like yourself. I love being able to help you focus on what is truly important during this journey and letting the other non-sensical things take care of themselves.