The Journey Begins | Log Still Distillery |Engagement Session

Luke and Stephanie are from the small town of New Haven, Kentucky which has a ton of character, good vibes, a country feel, along with some beautiful landscapes. We kicked the session off starting off at a 100+ year old liquor store known as Mouser’s Liquor Store which has been in Luke’s family from the beginning. As you can see above they had their fur baby with them which I couldn’t resist capturing a few special pictures of him as well:) From there we headed down the road to an even older venue; the train station which is now called The Kentucky Railway Museum and has been turned into a must see for out-of-towners. There is so much history in this town and to have the opportunity to help Stephanie & Luke show their love for one another and to capture some very special moments was priceless. We then traveled down the road to Logs Still Distillery where Luke happens to work. And from there I captured some beautiful photographs of the two of them as we toured the campus. If you’re ever in the vicinity, I highly recommend making a pit stop here:)


Hi, I’m Dereck!  For me, my “why” has always been people focused. My goal in life is to make a positive impact in the lives of the people I’m around every day. I love the fact that I am blessed to spend my time with soon to be brides and grooms who are about to embark on a lifetime journey of their own. That my friend is a huge honor and blessing! My goal through this process as your Photographer is to impact your life beyond the lens of my camera. I love capturing magical moments that pop-up throughout this process, but I love just as deeply to speak into the lives of people like yourself. I love being able to help you focus on what is truly important during this journey and letting the other non-sensical things take care of themselves.