The Top 5 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Wedding Photographer

Question 1:

What’s your wedding photography style?

Why It’s Important: While many photographers use varying styles from candid, journalistic or documentary to posed and editorial; you’ll want to have done your homework on what you love and what it is you’re wanting to have captured on your special day.

What you Should Be Listening For:

Hidden within this answer is the way photographers like to work. Candid and journalistic tend to be more of a hands-off approach, while posed and editorial are more of a structure approach. I suggest that you ask your photographer for examples of when they like to use each of these styles they mention to you and I promise you will have a clearer picture of what they will be “focusing” on during your special day.

Question 2:

Have you shot at my venue before? If not, how do you know you’re going to get great shots?

Why It’s Important: Knowing a venue ensures your photographer has a sense for the lighting situations, best angles, and hidden crevices of a particular location.

What you Should Be Listening For:

Photographers who really care about their clients will check out a location they haven’t photographed before they begin your wedding day. Even if it’s twenty minutes before your contracted time, make sure your photographer cares about knowing your venue ahead of time.

Question 3:

My future spouse and I are getting ready at different locations. How do you plan to photograph us both?

Why It’s Important: Your wedding day will go by so much faster than you expect. Having a plan in place as to when and where you will be getting photos is important.

What you Should Be Listening For:

What kinds of plans does your photographer have in place to make sure both the bride and the groom are well represented in your wedding photos. If they have a second photographer, you should know your timeline will flow since nothing will be missed.

Question 4:

Can we request a specific set of shots?

Why It’s Important: You have shots that matter most to you and having a photographer who respects those wants is important.

What you Should Be Listening For:

While no photographer can, or should, guarantee that a shot will be taken, some will flat out deny your request. Look for photographers who are willing to work with you, or better yet, who have a shot list they’re willing to share with you.

Question 5:

How soon will we see our photos?

Why It’s Important: You’ll want to share your good news ASAP😊

What you Should Be Listening For:

What is your photographer’s anticipated timeline? Does it correspond with what matters to you and your family? Better yet, will there be a preview you can share ahead of time?

It’s questions like these that will help you to feel confident with the photographer you choose. As I’ve stated before; a photographer is more than a person holding a camera with a lens. Relationships are built and lasting photographs that last a lifetime are curated. And that my friend is the impact of a great photographer!


Hi, I’m Dereck!  For me, my “why” has always been people focused. My goal in life is to make a positive impact in the lives of the people I’m around every day. I love the fact that I am blessed to spend my time with soon to be brides and grooms who are about to embark on a lifetime journey of their own. That my friend is a huge honor and blessing! My goal through this process as your Photographer is to impact your life beyond the lens of my camera. I love capturing magical moments that pop-up throughout this process, but I love just as deeply to speak into the lives of people like yourself. I love being able to help you focus on what is truly important during this journey and letting the other non-sensical things take care of themselves.